Cedar Roofing

California Redwood, Western Red Cedar, Cypress, Spruce, and Pine are all used for wood shakes and shingles. The wood used on roofs is considered either shakes or shingles. Shakes are split from logs and often left that way to retain the textured rough-hawn effect. A wood shake is very recognizable by its thick butt end.

Wood shingles are made by taking a shake and producing a completely uniform product by sawing on both sides. Cedar is the most popular wood used for shakes and shingles, while Southern Yellow Pine is a close second. Both wood shakes and shingles are pressure treated with fire and chemical preservatives.

The appearance of a natural wood roof is hard to beat, especially if you are going for a traditional look. Along with the natural beauty, wood shakes and shingles are proven to have a high impact resistance rating and have been tested to withstand extremely high wind speeds.

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Other Roofing Services

Asphalt Roofing

Our line of asphalt shingles offers your home maximum protection with a variety of styles. We offer only the best products to help serve you the best we can from top of the line shingle brands CertainTeed, IKO, Malarkey, and Owens Corning.

Stone Coated Steel

Whether you want the look of a shingle, clay tile, cedar shake, or a slate roof, you will be able to select a style that will enhance the beauty and increase the efficiency of your home. Your steel roof will look beautiful and require little to no maintenance for decades to come.

Metal Roofing

These roofs are durable, have longevity, provide resistance from the elements, are energy efficient, increase the resale value on your home, and come in a variety of colors to complement what your home already has. Metal roofs are becoming more and more popular.

Synthetic Roofing

CeDUR is a polyurethane roofing product, leading in simulated wood roofing products that ensures long term durability and superior value. Developed to withstand nature’s harsh elements and UV conditions while showing the elegance of a natural wood roof.

Need a Roof Repair or Roof Replacement?

This is the question that homeowners often face when it comes to roofing problems. While repairs can extend the life of your roof, they’ll only take you so far. Here are some tips and things to think about when you are giving your roof a self-evaluation. This will help give you an idea if you should get a roof repair or a roof replacement. Your roof is the first line of defense against the elements, which is why you need a healthy roof.

When was the last time your roof was evaluated?

Signs of damage usually start small, but when ignored for a long period of time, serious structural damage to your property can occur. If you do not know the last time you had a professional contractor inspect your roof, we suggest you have someone at Woods Roofing come to your home or business to give you a free estimate and inspection for your new roof! We will be able to determine if there is storm damage or natural wear and tear to your roof that makes it vulnerable to South Dakota weather conditions. Hail, high winds, heavy rain, snow, and other elements from Mother Nature are all things that can cause damage to your roof such as granule loss, shingle bruising, lifted or blown-off shingles, leaky roofs, and damaged gutters to name a few.

If you do not want to have someone come out to evaluate and inspect your roof for you, you can do it yourself with a few simple questions: Roof Evaluation Guide.